Who is the Gadget Guide?

Born and raised during the early evolution of the modern computer, I grew up working with new technology every day. My father was an IBM sales and marketing executive for over 40 years and he brought home nearly every iteration of the personal computer during that time.
Through him, I learned all there was to know about both hardware and software. I loved everything about it; what it could do, that it was constantly evolving and that understanding it came easy to me.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut, and a career in sales and marketing, where I helped brands connect to consumers, I realized that my passion was to connect with people in a very different way.

Fortunately, I met my amazing wife who saw things in me I would have never realized on my own. She saw my love of technology and willingness and ability to share it with others not as a hobby to be kept a secret, but as a skill I could use to help others. I derive great joy from showing someone how to make their phone, tablet or home electronics easier to enjoy. When I am able to share a new tip or trick to make their devices more useful on a daily basis, I smile ear to ear.

And so the Gadget Guide was born.

Scott Larmee

Owner and Chief Guide

Why a Gadget Guide?

There’s no need to have to pack up your stuff and head out to the store or mall, wait in line and then hope someone’s able to help.

No need to hire an overpriced IT “pro” who may only fix something you believe is broken, without teaching you anything useful.

No need to endlessly scour the internet in search of answers you may not even be able to comprehend or put into practice.

I will come to you.

Why leave the comfort of your own or a friend's home? In fact, invite like-minded family and friends over to learn alongside you! My approach is one of patience, understanding and a genuine interest in listening to your challenges. No embarrassment, no need for geek-talk translation and no being talked down to.

Technology is supposed to make life easier, and I believe that learning how to best use your personal devices should be no different.