Friday Five – APPs

Scott Larmee Friday 5, News, Uncategorized

Hi everyone! For the first installation of Friday 5, we’re sticking to some basics:

5 Must Have APPs.

They work on most platforms (Apple, Android, etc.) and help you with basic maintenance and organization. You may have some of these on your phone or tablet already. If so, give yourself a hand; you’re already on the road to maximizing your personal technology!

  • AIM – looking for an alternative to the stock text-messaging program that came with your device? Already use AOL instant messenger on your computer to connect with friends, family or colleagues? This mobile version works great too, and it keeps in sync with your other devices that have AIM as well.
  • CLEAN MASTER – does your device ever get slow and unresponsive? Give it a quick boost in less than a minute and enjoy using your device again. Clear up memory, easily manage apps you didn’t know were running in the background, remove duplicate or erroneous files and save some battery life!
  • KEY RING – tired of keeping all those plastic rewards cards on your keychain? Need to clear out some space in your wallet or purse? Grab this app, scan those membership cards into your phone like taking a picture and then just use the app at checkout and keep those rewards coming in! Pharmacy, grocery, gym, library cards; it works for just about anything (but i recommend keeping those old cards in a drawer somewhere just in case, even though it does keep your info on file should you change or lose your device).
  • PUSHBULLET – handy app that connects your device’s text messages, emails, files and other notifications directly to your computer or any other device through either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Send almost anything to any device (some limitations for apple devices due to apple restrictions) and get all your phone notifications while on a computer!
  • SPEEDTEST – not sure if that network you’re on (phone provider or wifi) is what’s causing slow internet browsing, lackluster gaming performance or poorly streaming music and video? Just open up this app and check it out in less than a minute! Speedtest can also be used for checking the wifi speeds around your house as well (which can also be an indication of signal strength) so you know where your network might need a little boost or not. (There are other apps for that specifically though which we’ll delve into in the future!) The app also keeps a running tally of your results, by location and network type, so you can compare over time and see how things (hopefully) improve!

Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions for upcoming Friday 5 posts below, thanks!