Friday Five – Apple Tips!

Scott Larmee Friday 5, News, Uncategorized

Here are a couple quick tips this week, this time for you iPhone/iPad owners. Hope you enjoy and please remember to comment with any topics you’d like me to cover in upcoming Friday Five posts!

Swipe up from bottom of screen! (Control Center)

A simple swipe up from the bottom of your home screen will reveal a short-cut menu to control some essential functions of your device without having to go into the Settings section of your phone and hunt around to do some basic tasks.

  • Turn ON/OFF items like Airplane Mode, WIFI, Bluetooth, DND Mode, Screen Orientation
  • Adjust sound and screen brightness levels
  • AirDrop share files and connect to an AirPlay device (AppleTV)
  • Turn ON/OFF flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera


Organize your home screen (also known as “jiggly” editing mode!)

A simple long-press (touch finger down for 1-2 seconds) on any APP icon on your screen will activate the ability to:

  • Move APP icons around on a single page or move them to another page by moving them to the edge of the page they are currently on and then releasing when they are on the page you want.
  • Move/arrange APP icons in the permanent dock at the bottom of your screen so they are always on your screen.
  • Put similar type APPs into a folder! To make a folder simply drag an APP onto another APP.
  • Delete APPs from your phone entirely (if they did not come with the phone upon purchase) by hitting the little “x” that appears on them.

Press the Home button to save your new arrangement.

(Hint #1: When you have more than one page, a bright dot in a row of dots above the bottom dock shows you which page you’re on. You can move APPs to different pages and create new pages. Hint #2: If you have a lot of moving to do, connect to iTunes and select the APPs tab.  It’s easier to move them on the computer.)


Well, that’s all for this week! Please be sure to drop a comment below or email Gadget Guide with suggestions for upcoming Friday Five posts. Thanks for tuning in!