Areas of Expertise & Services

Smartphones and Tablets

The most heavily used and customized of your devices, you require maximum productivity AND personal enjoyment from your phones and tablets.

  • Master the ins and outs of using your devices (the operating systems)
  • Organize and enhance your personal information for greater enjoyment
  • Discover useful APPS, tips and tricks to more quickly accomplish what you need
  • Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Computers and Networking

Laptops, desktops, monitors, cable modems and routers; it’s enough to make your head spin! Learn how to maximize and customize your home computer setup at your own pace, with your own equipment and your own family.

  • Effectively manage your computer setup, important files and information
  • Ensure you have enough speed (bandwidth) and memory for all your family’s devices
  • Make certain devices can easily share information securely
  • PC/MAC, software/hardware, WIFI/ethernet, printing & peripherals

HDTV, Streaming TV, Home Theater Setup

Just like your computers and phones, your TVs and home entertainment systems are more capable than ever before. Discover a simpler path through the forest-like bramble of cables, remotes and interactive menus!

  • Setup your new flat-screen TV and receiver for amazing picture and sound
  • Put AppleTV, Amazon, Netflix or HULU to work for you and leave cable TV behind
  • Your Xbox or PlayStation can be used for much more than just entertaining the kids
  • Cable systems, online streaming, gaming consoles & other peripherals

New Home Move-In Digital Concierge

From scheduling TV/Internet service installation, meeting with installers and ensuring everything is setup to your liking and then walking you through how to use your new TV/Internet services, let the Gadget Guide take something off your move-in to-do list! $35/hour

Gadget Shopping Help

Selecting devices that are right for you and your family can seem a daunting task these days. With so many manufacturers and models to choose from and a sales process that may or may not be recommending what’s best for your needs, it can be hard to know what will suit your family best. And finding the best deal? Where do you begin? Let the Gadget Guide take the burden off your shoulders with up-to-date knowledge of the newest innovations in technology made to fit your lifestyle.

  • Get help with phone, cable and internet service providers
  • Product research & comparisons for your specific lifestyle and needs
  • Recommendations for where to find what you need
  • Computers, HDTVs, phones, tablets, watches, audio equipment, home security and more

What’s a Gadget Gathering?

It’s my way of bringing my gadget know-how directly to you. Learn the ins and outs of your device in the comfort of your own home with friends or family. Turn your next cocktail party, poker night or wine and cheese night into a fun and interactive learning experience!
We can cover whatever topics you like. Learn more about your iPhone, iPad, your Android phone, Windows phone, whatever makes the most sense for you and your group. We simply make arrangements quickly beforehand to ensure you learn about exactly what you like.

Not sure what to cover? No worries, I can take you through the basics or more advanced uses and techniques, answer questions and make recommendations on the latest and greatest APPS or extras for your device like cables, cases, add-ons, etc.
When I arrive I’ll set-up my mini-projector and we can start whenever your party is ready. With my projector I can display a live phone or tablet screen on a wall so everyone in the room can see and follow along with what whatever devices we’re learning about at the time.

We’ll end with a Q&A session and then allow time for booking any future private tutoring sessions, gadget gatherings or anything else that you or your friends might enjoy!