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I give Gadget Guide 5 out of 5 stars. Scott was patient, helpful, and effective for me with what seemed like a fairly uncommon problem. He walked me through the process step by step which avoided any potential confusion between us, and was respectful of my time. He thoroughly researched my in depth issue and followed up until the problem was solved. I will definitely be calling Scott in the future with any technical difficulties I may have!

– Elle Ferrier, June, 2016

I have a very old computer which seemed to finally pass on about 3 weeks ago. I am not very computer savvy, and the friends I’ve approached for help in the past have quickly become impatient with my slowness in “getting it”. My niece had heard about Scott at Gadget Guide. He came to our home two days after my call. During his two-hour consultation he revived my computer, gave me advice on my possible next purchase (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet) and shared some of his expertise regarding my iPhone. He was very comfortable to work with and so patient! I am excited about having the opportunity to learn more from him on our next visit.

– Tonda, June, 2016

“Scott is the most patient person I have ever had help me with a technology problem. He answers my questions in language I understand and if I don’t, he clarifies it for me. He is willing to work until the problem is solved and he fixes issues I didn’t even know were issues. As a ‘baby boomer’ who wants to keep up, I have found Scott a great person to keep me moving forward.”

– Diane Hamilton, April, 2016


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charlotte marketing executive starts new tech solutions company

MAY 2016 (CHARLOTTE, NC) – This month, Charlotte marketing executive Scott Larmee leaves his twenty-year sales and marketing career to start a new technology venture, Gadget Guide.

“While I have enjoyed a long career in marketing and advertising, I have always had a passion for gadgets. My wife calls me the ‘researcher’ because I research any new device or app that comes to market at length,” explains Scott. “In thinking about how I want to spend the next portion of my working life, I realized through conversations with friends and neighbors that there was a business solution waiting to be started.”

Throughout Scott’s career, striving to be on the forefront of the latest technology, apps and software was a hobby he deeply enjoyed. He loved sharing his knowledge – websites, gadgets and apps – with friends and family. His experiences such as tinkering with his in-laws’ computers, reworking his wife’s home office network and explaining the tricks of the iPhone to his parents, made him realize his penchant and patience for helping others with technology. Sharing his passion and knowledge with others in a unique way felt like a ‘no brainer’!

The digital devices of today are more personalized than ever before. Scott believes learning how to get the most out of them should be no different. No more trips to the Apple store to sit in a crowded “Genius Bar” or waiting in line at the phone provider. The Gadget Guide comes to you.

Gadget Guide is a way to help others get the most of the personal technology in their lives, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, home networking, streaming TV, home audio, automation or security. The goal will be to teach others how to maximize the capabilities and enjoyment of the many different devices in their lives, doing so in the comfort of their own homes or with remote “face-to-face” consultations through Facetime and Skype. Clients can host “Gadget Gatherings” from a Thursday night wine & cheese with five friends to group gatherings at clubs or churches with forty people. Parent groups, financial groups, poker groups, garden clubs, and professional organizations; the options of customized assistance for each gathering are endless. Additionally, Gadget Guide offers private, one-on-one tutoring sessions to learn about and overcome whatever it may be causing “tech angst” at home! The Guide even assists with gadget purchases; he will analyze the latest technology within the confines of what a client wants and provides simple recommendations based on functionality and budget. No more hours of website trolling and research, no more listening to a sales associate who may be thinking about commission. The goal is to take the mystery and frustration out of technology for the many of us who need a guide.

Interested clients can visit www.gadgetguide.io or contact Gadget Guide at 203.820.6859 for more information. To interview Scott, please contact Tyler Hamilton at 980.819.5041 or tyler@spreadpr.net

“I’m recommending you! Our session was great. You are knowledgeable, kind, and most of all, patient beyond belief, especially with a “mature” (old) customer! Wish you much success!”

– Sue Hamilton, April, 2016